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Dany & Onix across America

Two weeks ago I was asked to photograph my best friends fundraiser party. They were raising money for their bike trip across America. They spent over two months organizing this party, it included a booth set up by Wheel Works, four different bands, an after party hosted by Grendals Den and a display of all the equipment it takes to bike across country.

The best thing about photographing this party was getting to shoot four different bands in an outdoor stage, which was a lot different from any venue I have ever shot in before. The four bands were The Alec Hutson Trio, Chris Kazarian, Miele, and Joe Froeber and the Drunk Monkeys. Thanks to Joe for helping put together all the musical talent.

#Band #allston #harvardsquare #wheelworks #grendalsden #xanderbrownphotography #acrosscountry #music #fundraiser

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